Welcome to the 2023 U17 European Circuit!

Dear athletes, referees, supporters and friends,

the Fechterring Nuernberg sends a warm welcome to all of you attending this exciting event in beautiful Nuernberg!

As your local organizers, we are honored to serve this event in the name of the European Fencing Confederation and the Deutscher Fechter-Bund e.V..

In expectance of our tournament on November 25-26, we are hosting more than 500 athletes from 37 Nations all over the world.

To make this a successful and enjoyable event for all of us, we wish to provide some preliminary information that should help you guide your arrival, organization and orientation during this weekend.

General information has already been distributed electronically, but can be found here. Some specific details however are mandatory to get the event organized in a smooth and peaceful way. Please read the following instructions carefully!

The tournament will officially start on Saturday, Nov 25 at 8.30 am with opening ceremonies by the organizers and the Nuernberg city mayor, Marcus Koenig.

How to get there?

After your arrival in Nuernberg, you might approach the venue

(Underground station: Nuernberg, Langwasser Nord (line:U1), 13 min walking distance (blue track))

(call +49 911 19410; No Uber!)

  • by Car

(parking at “Große Str.”, opposite the Venue, 5.00 Euro per day;)


The sport venues are located in the south of Nuernberg.



Karl-Schönleben-Strasse 100

90471 Nuernberg

Due to the large extend of participants, we decided to split the event in two close-by locations, termed “Gym1 & Gym2”, and Gym3”. The distance between locations is not even a 5 min walk (see green tracks).

  • Gym1:    Piste 1-16        (individual competitions)
  • Gym2:   Piste 17-28     (individual competitions)
  • Gym3:   Piste 29-40    (team competitions)

When to arrive? How to register?

The tournament will officially start on Saturday, Nov 25 at 8.30 am.

The main registration hours are on Friday, Nov 24 between 6 – 8 pm and on Nov 25 starting from 7.00 am. The registration desk (INFO) is located at the entrance of Gym1.

Registration and Equipment check is scheduled in the same time slots. Please be aware that equipment check is located at Friday in the entrance Area of Gym 2, on Saturday and Sunday in Gym1 and Gym3!

The specific registration hours and equipment check hours for women/men and individual/team can be found here (link to Nuernberg invitation foil).

Registration fees (25.00 Euro per individual; 75.00 Euro per team) can be paid either in cash or electronically with debit or credit cards (plus 3% fee).

Please be in time, motivated and patient (especially at main registration hours)!

Getting around

The indoor sport facilities of the Bertolt-Brecht-Schule – our fencing venue – underlies a strict hygienic concept that provides and maintains clean and hygienic conditions during the whole event.

The basic concept behind is, that outside directions are separated from the indoor sports area. The outside floor is tiled in black while inside you will move on a white floor.

In the “black” area, all people are allowed to stay, in the “white” area only athletes, trainers, referees, and officials are allowed to move. Further, all athletes and trainers are requested to wear sport shoes in the restricted area.

Based on this concept, the entrance (ground floor), registration desk (ground floor), cafeteria (first floor), visitor and viewing stand (first floor), restrooms (first floor), and sales exhibition (first floor) in Gym1 and Gym2 are accessible for all persons.

Beyond this area, access to changing rooms (second floor), restrooms (second floor & ground floor) and entrance to Gyms (ground floor) is only granted to athletes, trainers, referees, and officials.

Gym1&2 – Ground Floor

  • Entrance
  • Registration desk
  • Equipment check
  • Sport pistes (individual competitions)
  • Medical asisstance
  • Results board
  • restrooms

Gym1&2 – First Floor

  • Viewing stand
  • Main cafeteria
  • Sales exhibition
  • Changing rooms
  • Restrooms

Gym1&2 – Second Floor

  • Changing rooms
  • Restrooms



  • Sport pistes (team competition)
  • Viewing stand
  • Medical assistance
  • Cafeteria
  • Changing rooms
  • Restrooms

Food & Beverages

Food and beverages are served all day, during the whole event.

  • Gym1 & Gym2:    A full cafeteria serves a variety of non-alcoholic drinks and a selection of hot & cold food varieties.
  • Gym3:                   A limited variety of food & beverages are served in Gym3.


Sales exhibition

The Allstar fencing center runs a sales booth, located on first floor in Gym1.


Medical assistance (MEDIC)

In case of injuries or accidents, medical support is provided in Gym1&2 as well as in Gym3. Please contact any official or the medical team!


The results of each competition will be displayed on the results board in Gym1&2 and Gym3. Further information can be found on fencingworldwide for women’s or men’s competitons.



In the name of the local organizer, Fechterring Nuernberg e.V., we are looking forward to a great sports event and wish all the attendees, referees, accompanying supporters and all visitors a wonderful weekend in the light of fencing!

Please be in time, motivated and patient (especially at bottleneck hours).

Have a safe trip to lovely Nuremberg!


Tobias Hell

local organizer